Sylvia Plath, référence pour Princesse-Inca, lit un extrait de ses poèmes

Hear Sylvia Plath Read Fifteen Poems From Her Final Collection,Ariel, in 1962 Recording

“Add to the available accounts of Plath (there are so many) this, please: nobody brought a house to life the way she did.” So writes Dan Chiasson in a New Yorker piece commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s death. Chiasson’s plea is made all the more poignant by his careful readings of the tenderness—amidst the pain and horror—in Plath’s final collection, Ariel, which she left sitting on the kitchen table to be found along with her body. (The collection has  recently been restored to correspond to Plath’s final wishes)... 

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